Circle Radius Annotation

To clarify -

We have a pivot irrigation rig that has not been used in awhile.

I have made a new map to include recent vegetation growth around the perimenter and would like to center a semitranslucent circle on the middle of the pivot rig using the rig length as the radius so that vegetation within that circle would be highlighted for trimming.

If someone can figure out how to add that into an AR app that highlights the same vegetation so that I can point my phone around and see what needs to be cut back… that’d be great as well. But I’m not placing any bets on such luxury any time soon =).

But seriously, the circle thing would be very helpful for more than just myself, I am sure.


Hi @Gabriel_Carpenter,

That’s a cool idea. So to make sure I understand properly, would the ability to create a circular annotation with adjustable radius solve your problem?


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Yes sir, that is exactly it!

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I want this as well. Need to make an 5,64m circle so i can count how many (tree) stems i got per hectare.

I would find this particularly useful to “two-tape” a point in from two known objects. This is common practice in construction and would give the field guys a great way to get their own layout on the fly.

Old thread coming back. I have run into ALLOT of instances over the past couple of months where a center to radius circular annotation would have been very valuable. The two-tape method and marking trees to be removed was a good example this morning.