Checklist Camera error

Hi there,

Seem to be having a problem with the checklist on startup. Everything is ticked off until I get to camera. It will attempt to do its test shot twice, however each time it fails. Firmware is up to date on v.16 and using the camera works with the DJI go app, as I’ve done a few checks beforehand. Using the Oneplus one android phone which works well.

Any idea on how I can solve this problem?


Sometimes users see this on android.
Try formatting your as card in DJI go and taking a few test images using DJI go. Then try using dronedeploy.

hi chase,

The card had been previously formatted using the DJI app, however I gave it another shot and that seems to have solved it! Thanks for the help.

Going to try a 3D scan and have the model printed or CNC’d at the university lab.

Make sure to add in some nice oblique shots facing 45 degrees downwards to get details on the sides.

Thanks for the tip. How would I go about doing this. Do it in 2 runs? one at facing down, one at 45 and stitch them together?

You can do in one flight then do an orbit using DJI go or another 3rd party app taking photos every X seconds.


I have the same startup problem (not really a problem; rather an issue). Here are my suggestions. . . . . .

Make sure your SD card is formated in exFAT not anything else. Your PC will allow you to designate the format you wish. Go to the DJI GO app, take a photo with JPEG being the format; not RAW.

After you take the photo, attempt to use DD. If you get the camera error, at the bottom right portion of the screen, you will see a redish, orange icon “Proceed anyway”. Click that icon and the Inspire will go through the flight path. On mine, I did have photos when I landed and made a great map.

Hope this helps.