Checking waypoint upload status

I have two Phantom 3 Advanced running the same firmware.
One will run a DroneDeploy mission happily but the other just hangs at … checking waypoint upload status.
All the all the other fields are OK.
I’ve been trying to get this to work for several days with no luck.
Any clues?

Have you tried restarting the app?

Yes, several times but with no change.


I have the same problem with a Phantom 3 Professional using a phone Android version 6.0.1…

How did you do with this problem abouts “checking waypoint upload status”?

I spoke to someone recently who had this problem on the Phantom 3 4 K, and in his case, it was cold battery temperature. It was auto resolved when the temperature went up :grin: Any chance this is relevant here?

Thanks for the suggestion but no.
I live in a warm climate and have had the problem for a month.
It’s not temperature related and restating the app doesn’t help.

I would like to get back to using DD but with one Phantom that gives a lot of images a yellow cast (only in DD) as well as missing images after a couple of rows, and one Phantom that can’t get past Checking waypoint upload status, it’s just not working out for me.

I’ve been trying to get this sorted over a month now with no luck.
I’ve emailed DD support too but heard nothing from them.

I have two Phantoms with different problems preventing them from being used with Drone Deploy.
Surely at least one can work?

One can’t start the mission because it can’t get past Checking waypoint upload status.
The other one zips through the checklist and flies the mission butit gives a yellow cast to some images and there are always images missing.

Someone? Anyone?

Hey, sorry to hear this. Do you have DJI’s latest firmware installed? Also, this is helpful: