Changing the default map

I would like to use Apple maps on the mobile Drone Deploy app. The default Google maps do not give great detail in my area. Is it possible to change maps? If so how?

There isn’t currently any way to change the map used on the mobile app. It is likely it won’t be changed for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the reply. Any idea why some areas of the map have a dissorted area that only shows up on the map in DD app. The same area looks perfect in google mapUploading…

When I make my flight plan certain areas have fuzzy area of distortion that only appears in the app. It looks fine on google earth. I have a screenshot of it. This is Savannah Ga. What going on and how do I fix it?

Hi @JasonB,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. This is not a DroneDeploy issue as Google Earth is different from the mobile Google basemap we provide. So, in short, there is no fix for this.


It looks like you have an area of the map “available offline” within the DD app. If you do that it’ll download tiles that we are allowed to cache and store them on your device. We aren’t allowed to store google map tiles. Have you enabled “available offline” for certain plans?

What I’ve found is that the PC version of the DD dashboard shows up as an old Bing map. The mobile versions show up as the up to date google maps version. Ive compared the Bing map to the DD dashboard on the PC and the google maps app on my iPhone to the DD dashboard on the same phone. Why use two interfaces with obvious old data for the PC version?

I currently have two DD accounts. Same exact area on one account has very clear mapping back ground. The other version (Bing?) is so course I can’t even plan progress photos. Must be a setting somewhere.