Changing battery problem in NFZ

I’m using DroneDeploy in NFZ. I have problem to changing battery in NFZ now.

Symptoms : Initialization of DroneDeploy app in NFZ

Detail : When my drone comes back for changing battery in NFZ, it requires NFZ unlocking again. Then I move to DJI Pilot for authorization of NFZ unlocking and comes back to DroneDeploy app, it comes initialization so that it goes back to the front page (‘FLY’ tab). So I can’t continue taking photo for mapping.

Device : Mavic 2 zoom

Mobile device : iPad mini 4 wifi version with LTE hotspot

App : DJI Pilot (for NFZ unlocking) / DroneDeploy

I have been authorized by DJI to launching drone in NFZ. There is no problem flying in this area.

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