Change Map Source to County GIS / Parcel maps

We need to be able to change map source or turn on a GIS Parcel layer in the planning map so we can build our mapping flights around know parcels.

That would be a cool feature, but I bet it would be difficult because each county, state, country probably has different systems to share that data. I am going to guess that you probably have already tried this, but have you created a shape file on the GIS systems and imported that into the mission planning portion of DD?

Yes, I have traced the parcel and imported it, but it can be accomplished so much easier. I am looking into this, to possibly be able to pull the shape files from.

Looks pretty cool, let us know what the pricing looks like if you inquire.

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Very smart idea. If you haven’t already, could you please refer this to the App Market ideas portion of our forum? Appreciate your feedback!