Change altitude manually?

I’m about to do an interesting project where a gamma radiation sensor is being strapped to my M600 Pro, in order to take soil composition measurements. I need to fly low and slow (10 meters @ 3 m/s), as the sensor’s “FOV” is very wide. Even when I enter just 1% overlap, I still get too narrow lanes. So I was wondering if it’s possible to “fool” the software and plan the flight at 15 meters… so that the lane width is correct. Can I manually change that altitude to 10 meters, once en route to the first waypoint? Or will it go crazy on me then? :wink: I would hate to see my expensive M600 Pro and even more expensive gamma radiation sensor come crashing down lol…

Hi Jan,

You need to set the altitude at the beginning. Once the automated flight starts, trying to change it midway could permanently disrupt the mission and skew the results. I’ve asked for a second opinion but this is my take.

Okay… thanks Kara!

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