Chained Missions Photo "Separator"

Hey folks, just did some testing with 3 chained missions. I like how for each SINGLE mission, DD automatically takes a ground reference photo, which helps to separate the missions in your photos (I can easily spot where one mission ended and another began).

However, with chained missions this doesn’t happen. So all photos run together. If you’re chaining several nadir missions, it’s extremely hard to tell separation (since they’re done one after the other, looking at the timestamp doesn’t help either).

Anyone know a way of separating these, or is there an option in DD I’m not aware of?


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Why do you need to separate the chained missions? Why not process all the pictures and then you can see the photo locations over the map and select those you want to be processed into separate maps. More time but could get it done.

It some programs, there is an option to view the photo over your site before you generate a map. This would be a faster way to separate the photos.

I can certainly try that, but we may not be using DD to process; not sure yet (we’re new to mapping). I do, however like to keep the missions organized, whether it’s ortho-only, 3D, a pano, etc. In case it needs to be reprocessed.

Thanks for the reply!