Capturing a mesa 500 feet above the takeoff point

Hi guys…

I will be standing (and taking off from) 500 feet below a mesa I want to image, and I want to fly 400 feet above that mesa.

What do I need to input into the altitude to fly 400 feet above the terrain? 400 feet? 900 feet?

What I don’t know is if DD is automatically taking terrain height into consideration, and adding that to the commanded imaging altitude, in this case, 400 feet.

Likewise, if I am standing (and taking off from) 200 feet ABOVE the mesa, and I want to fly/image 100 feet above the mesa (in other words, 100 feet BELOW the takeoff point). What altitude do I enter into the flightplan?


Hi @William_Salopek - the altitude of the flight specified in our app is relative to the point of takeoff of the drone, so please adjust accordingly.

which takeoff method is better for drone?