Capture images via Osmo Pocket

Hey guys,
I had a job yesterday to create a map and a 3D Modell of a tiny garden.
My costumer wanted to see how he can rebuild his garden and needed this maps etc for him to help.
The result was ok…but not as good as I know it.
It was quite full with trees, little plants and so on so it was really hard to capture images from a low height.

How do u do this?
Are we actually able to make some images with a Osmo Pocket for example? Not sure if it captures the gps datas as well… may some of you can help me :slight_smile:

I’ve never used an Osmo, but if it is GPS capable of writing the correct information in the EXIF data then it should work. I use Litchi in FPV and just walk around with it automatically taking shots on an interval. You can take shots manually to, but that’s kind of cumbersome when carrying everything. Something like this. I think they are using DJI Go.

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I will give the Osmo Pocket a try at home :+1:t2:

And the other idea, using the drone without flying is something I’ve actually never thought off…
That’s brilliant

I’ll figure out how both works and let you know.
Thanks :slight_smile: