Cant use any measure tools?

I have a few drones for a while now, and just recently i discoverd this great feature so i can use then in my construction bussines. Mainly for roof measuring… But, of course, i wanted to test it first to see how it works, so i registered on your site and loaded up one of your demos. Problem is that it seems that i cannot use measuring tools? Niether distance, surface or volume… i can put points on the map, but when i click on the last one, or confirm it with icon thats at the corner of the screen, everything goes away and i dont get any numbers? I have tried with latest Crome and Firefox. Am i doing something worng?


I am also using Chrome and can confirm what you found: The demos do not allow Measurement Annotations to work. The Measurement Annotations do work on my real maps. Somebody at DroneDeploy may be able to tell you why the demos do not work.

On my maps I am getting accuracy of around an inch or so for distance measurements and relative altitudes. Below is an example of using the Distance Annotation on one of my maps. If you look closely at the blue profile of the cross-section on the left, you can see that there is a slight slope at the beginning and end of the trace. This is due to the approximate 1/4" per foot slope built into the concrete so it sheds water.

Below is an expanded view of the slope in the driveway section on the left. It shows a 6" drop over the 20’ distance or 0.3"/ft. The measured value is 0.287"/ft. so DroneDeploy is doing quite well; it shows a monotonic slope with very low noise and 96% slope accuracy.

I use a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone with DroneDeploy and I am amazed at the results during my 1 month free test period. Plus the DroneDeploy team is working rapidly to improve it with new features, enhancements to existing features and bug fixes where needed.


Hi @Waynder,

These features should be available if you’re on a Pro Trial. Can you share the name of the map ID you’re having this issue with?

Keep me posted,


I am on a Pro trial and the Measurement Annotations do not work on the 2 DD demos. We are not talking about our maps. DD needs to investigate why the Measurement Annotations do not work on DD’s own demos.

As I showed in my post above, Measurement Annotations work fine on my own maps.

Please talk to your team about fixing the demos so the Measurement Annotations work properly on DD’s demos. The 2 demos appear at the very bottom of the list of missions shown on the retractable menu on the left of the DD App.


Hi @SolarBarn and @Waynder,

My apologies! I misunderstood the issue at hand. Annotations and measurements cannot be done on the demo maps, but they can be done on the makes you’ve made yourself.


I just signed up to demo Drone Deploy and discovered that the measurement tools don’t work on the demo maps. What’s the point of demo’ing crippleware when you are trying to sell to potential clients? Seems like the sales team really dropped the ball on this one.

If nothing else, TELL new users that the tools don’t function so they don’t spend time trying to figure out why. That’s the LEAST you could do.

Can you try Chrome Incognito?

Hello @thinkstopthink Thanks for reaching out. This is a feature we will hope to implement with enough demand.

How about putting a notification in the software so people (like me) don’t spend an hour trying to figure out why the tools don’t function? That would be simple respect for potential users. Don’t you agree?