Can't turn on "Enhanced 3D"

Hello everyone. I’m experiencing something on both the mobile iPhone App and desktop web app versions of DroneDeploy.

I had a flight plan using Enhanced 3D created days ago. Today I opened up that flight and was interested in seeing how fewer batteries it would require to fly that mission without Enhanced 3D. I turned off, got my answer, and now I cannot turn it back on.

On the iPhone app a circle appears on the button when I press it, but the circle doesn’t move. The battery count and flight time doesn’t change. I can click on and view other settings, alter them, and click them on and off.

On the web app, the click is registered and a circle is visible that fades away, but again, the switch doesn’t move and the battery and flight time counts remain the same. I can alter the other settings without issue.

What happened? I want to utilize enhanced 3D on this flight which I planned on performing today. But now I don’t want to leave to the site unless I can utilize the option it was set to use less than 20 min ago.

Sounds like a glitch, but can you duplicate the flight and see if that one will let you work with it?

Duplicated flight and I’m experiencing the same behavior. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app. I’m now going to log out on both web and mobile and log back in.

I’ve isolated and reproduced the problem.

At least for this flight plan, if Terrain Awareness is turned on and Enhanced 3D is turned on, turning off Enhanced 3D leads to the above situation. I had to turn off Terrain Awareness and then I can turn on Enhanced 3D again, followed by turning on Terrain Awareness. This works on both mobile and web app, although on mobile I’ve seen it require hitting the Enhanced 3D switch twice after turning Terrain Awareness off to get Enhanced 3D back on. Tested this on duplicated flight plan as well as a new re-creation.

Thank you for the swift reply @MichaelL

Thanks for sharing this. Our team has been tracking this issue and expects to have a fix released in a few weeks time. Appreciate your patience.

Ahha! That makes sense. Neither Enhanced 3D or Linear flight currently work with Terrain Awareness. What kind of site is it?

Same issue here. Terrain awareness messes up enhanced. Can’t turn back on. Only if you turn it off, you cannot turn back on, at least for my experience.

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