Can't sync projects between PC and Mobile

I think I remember in previous versions of DD on mobile I could pull down to sync my projects, but now I’ve found there’s no such thing. This is because I Modified a project on Web and when I try to load it on mobile, either iOS or Android, the project is not synced with the new changes, therefore I can’t fly the mission as it’s basically empty.

If I create a project and mission in mobile, it shows almost immediately on the other mobile device, and it also shows on the Web, but even though I deleted the test project on mobile, the Web dashboard still shows it.

There’s something very unusual going on, this is the first time this has happened to me.

EDIT: I created a new Project on Web and created various missions within it, the project appears basically as the initial mission without the initial polygon.

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4 months later I’m still experiencing this, anyone else?