Can't start up and finish checklist on screen

Hello, i have a problem. I have the app and i got stuck (see image) Can someone help me?
I also says i don’t have the newest version… but i have the newest. also says i have no sd card in the drone… this is incorrect.

This is a screenshot

Drone: phantom 3
Phone: Samsung j5
Country: The Netherlands

Plz help me.

Do you have firmware 1.05.0011?

Can you try formatting the sd card and trying again?

I will try and update him

The sd card is formatted as exFAT, is this good?

I just make sure to use the DJI Go app to do the formatting.

Thanks, i formatted the sd card in the dji go app.
When i try again in the drone deploy app, it says he can’t make an photo… hmm

Can you make sure to go take a photo with the DJI go app now that the card has been formatted. Make sure the exposure mode in DJI Go is set to auto (we’re fixing this).

I can make pictures with the dji go app. exposure mode is on auto…

I have had this problem on more than one occasion. The drone does its pre-flight checklist and gets stuck on the Test Camera. I have then to close DD, close the RC, restart the RC and choose Litchi. Litchi has had no problem to make that test photo… I close Litchi, close the RC, restart the RC, chose DD - I understand why it is still called DD Beta - redo the mission - the bugger does not save or sync any missions - and sometimes it flies away and does its job properly.

But today I had two problems I have not had before:

  1. during a mission the drone simply stopped before the last two legs of the mission… it almost gave me a heart attack. It just stood there, high up in the sky, slowly drifting. Luckily the Home button still worked and brought the drone home. It did not report anything wrong, nor did I loose communication with it.

  2. the last planned mission was a commercial area. I had to open DJI Go because DD does not have a calibrate compass command - maybe it should !? DJI Go reported after that a no fly area which was really stupid, there is not a No Fly area there and anyway it is the owners responsibility to fly there even if such an area existed anyway. I closed DJI Go, closed the RC, restarted the RC, chose DD and after all the nagging with the test photo I mentioned before it finally got passed it and failed again - only this time it failed loading the mission … “Something went wrong” DD said… It would be really helpful to be a tad bit more specific on what went wrong… I had to cancel mission, as my blood sugar was really low after these two experiences and get back home :frowning:

I have upgraded the firmware on the P3P to the latest version P3X_FW_V01.06.0040.bin, would that be the problem causing all those symptoms?!

If here is a no fly zone the dronedeploy app can’t take off and can’t art waypoints. I think it won’t even set them if one of the waypoints goes into the no fly zone. That’s probably related to what happened in your second flight.

For the first flight I’m not sure what could cause it to stop and hover. We’ve seen that with older firmwares on windy days but it hasn’t been an issue with any of the recent firmwares. I can take a look at the logs for that flight to see if there is anything odd. Do you have the flight ID or link to it on dronedeploy?


The second flight would be this one:
Thank you for looking into it.

I will try the same “No fly” area in Litchi when weather allows for and see if it gets off. The only no fly zone in the area is related to the Baneasa airport, which was, in the first mission at 2.6 km distance, and it allowed it to get there and in the second case at 8.3 km distance and it did not allow it to get there… So I am not sure the no fly zone is the cause of this behavior. And anyway I got into DJI Go by chance on this message,I do not normally use DJI Go at all. So I am not sure the reason of the malfunction may altogether not be at all the no fly zone, therefore the necessity for having more comprehensive error messages in the DD app.
With best wishes.