Can't shoot with DNG anymore

Summary of Issue:
I was able to fly with the DroneDeploy shooting DNG until the beginings of February 2018. I was able to do this changing the parameters in DJI GO 4 app before flight (shooting DNG and interval of 10 seconds between photos). Now, if I change this parameters in DJI GO 4, the DroneDeploy app reverts and shoots JPEG. It is crucial for me to shoot in DNG.

The same issue happened with royeiror user, but the answer was given in a personal message.

Date Issue Began:
Beginnings of February 2018

Drone Model:
Mavic Pro on latest firmware

Mobile Device Model and OS version:
iPhone 7 with ios 11.3

DroneDeploy App Version:
DD: 2.71.0
DJI GO 4: 4.2.12

I couldn’t figure out how to go back to DNG photos, even rolling back software and firmware.

So, the staff from DroneDeploy wasn’t able to solve your problem?

They weren’t able. They’re sticking to the “DJI states 10 seconds between DNG shots” thing. Even though the app used to shoot DNG previously. Also the fact that DroneDeploy messes with DJI Go settings after flying a mission is unaddressed. Meaning that when I go back to DJI Go, I have to switch back to DNG.

That’s really unfortunate. I will probably buy the Map Pilot for ios, since it supports DNG and double hatch. The problem is that it doesn’t support orbit. So, in order to capture photos from the sides of the buildings I will probably have to use also the DJI GO 4 app, or the Litchi app, if the former isn’t capable of orienting the gimbal to the point of interest.

@Joao_Matos Thanks for reaching out. Our DroneDeploy application has never been able to process RAW photos and as a result, we have not allowed the automated flight system to shoot RAW photos. What may have happened is the settings were set in the DJI GO app (RAW) and they did not transfer over to the DroneDeploy app. We default to shooting JPG.


Thank you for your answer. It would be great if in a near future you could implement DNG support, I know I’m not alone in this wish!

João Matos

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I’ve been asking for the same thing. Especially for the new Construction Progress Photos app. They don’t get processed through DD, so it makes no sense that we can’t use DNG! With my P3 Pro the settings always reverted back to what I had them set at in DJI Go app. Now that I have the P4 Pro, they won’t revert at all.

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Yeah I will be switching to another app that allows for RAW capture… Too Bad… was looking forward to using this.

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