Can't see 2D imagery


I’m new to DroneDeploy but am really impressed so far, the 3D models look fantastic and the help and tutorials are great.
However, I need help. After my first (simple) model, which worked fine I’ve just created a more detailed model with a lot more photos thanks to the tips on the website. However, I can see the 3D model fine, but I can’t see imagery for the 2D, elevation or plant health maps (screen shot uploaded)…any advice on what I’m doing wrong would be much appreciated.

what browser are you using and can you share the actaul project with us to take a look?

I would say it is due to too large file size or too many photos, but you only have 139 photos and I am sure it’s less than 3GB. What altitude are you flying? I would upload the photos in another mission and see if the problem persisits.

There is indeed something off. The images should show for your whole house. Can you try zooming out (at least 3 levels) and back in? It’s not ideal, but for me that seems to work. I’ll pass this over to engineering for a deeper look.

I work for DroneDeploy.