Can't Open DD App and LOG IN while offline, no wifi

Anybody know how to work around this problem? I assume that the failure to log in is beacsue I am not connected to the internet. I have no way of getting WiFi for the time I am in the field (penguin surveys in Antarctica) but still have many stored flight plans on my iPad. But after the iPad battery drained and shut down, I am unable to log back into the App. VERY frustrating…

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Hi Thunderflurry.

For first time use - you have to sign in (which requires internet connection). After that you’ll be ok. I understand how that can be a problem in the field.

That’s not true. It’s after multiple, dozens of uses. If you log out, in error or otherwise, away from wifi, you can’t log in. And work is compromised and project delivery sabotaged. It’s a major weakness in the app and a roadblock that needs fixing.

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Nope. On my iOS app every time I close the DD app I need to log in again. I need an internet connection for that… sigh :frowning: