Cant get started . Inspire 1 What am I missing?

Hi Folks, had my first attempt at using DD today and unfortunately it was not successful. I could not get the mission to start.
My Firmware is, RC is 1.5.70, flight mode set to F.
Enable Multiple Flight mode is on and Enable IOC is off.

I took a photo of my Galaxy tab 4 screen to show how far I got. The “mission” pre-flight check would not turn green and I got the message " Something’s not right, try refreshing the page or contact support"
I quit the app and restarted several times, tried setting the grid to different areas ect but nothing would work. Am I missing something obvious?
Any help would be appreciated, I’ve searched for similar issues but found nothing.

Anyone able to help? Still grounded.

1.04 firmware didn’t work very well with the SDK. DJI broke several things and required takeoff before setting waypoints. This is resolved in the newest firmware. Please try that.

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Brilliant, thanks for the advice, caught a break in the poor weather today and just flew my first 2 missions. Everything went perfectly and I’m uploading the photos right now.