Can't get past checking waypoint upload status

I have two Phantom 3 Advanced running the same firmware.
One will run a DroneDeploy mission happily but the other just hangs at … checking waypoint upload status.
All the all the other fields are OK.
I’ve been trying to get this to work for several days with no luck.
Any clues?

I have one Phantom that starts well in DroneDeploy but then starts missing photos and others have a very yellow cast.
I have another P3A that I haven’t been able to fly with DD because it can’t get past checking waypoint upload status.
I’ve been trying to fix this for a month with no success.
No-one can help at all?

I have had it hang every once in a while; however a complete restart of everything usually does the trick. Have you reached out to the DD support folks?


I have the same problem with a Phantom 3 Professional using a phone Android version 6.0.1…

How did you do with this problem abouts “checking waypoint upload status”?


How did you solve this issue? I’m seeing the same problem now with Mavic Pro.

I bought a P4 pro and moved on from the P3 series