Can't get Mavic 2 Pro to display image


This is what I did step by step, what am I missing?

Planned flight, get into DJI GO4, everything fine (imagem sensors, etc), close DJI GO, open Drone Deploy, check list goes fine, take off perfect but I can’t get Drone Deploy to show what the drone camera is seeing.
It just shows a black screen, I tried switch between map view and drone view and the same, maps (with the planned flight and drone position) shows fine on iPhone but I can’t see what the drone camera is taking.
The mission was completed properly, the photos where taken but no liveview.

Redid the mission with my old Mavic Pro 1 and I can get image and map working fine.
Seems there some communication issues between MP2 and DD.

I can’t find any info about this issue, anybody with similar problems?.


Sorry, just found a thread with this know issue.
I’ll try the “unplugging the controller from your device and plugging it back in” trick tomorrow.


I get the same issue with my iPhone 8 and the Mavic 2 Pro. Unplugging works, but it’s pain doing this every single time I go out to fly.

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I’m having the same exact issue. Unplugging and replugging cables doesn’t work, restarting doesn’t work, deleting the app and reinstalling doesn’t work. None of these suggested fixes work at all.

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I got it to work. Then when I switch out batteries, it’s black again.

I get the same issue with Ipad air. Not tried to unpluging

The unplug / plug trick works on iPhone X and iPhone Xs Max at least.
It’s annoying but it works.