Can't find DroneDeploy App in the Play Store with my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Hi. When I search in the Google Play Store for the DroneDeploy App, with my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7 inch) I get a ‘no results found’ message. Upon talking to DD support they supplied a direct link to the App within the Google Play Store. When I use the link to find the app it IS found but then the Play Store tells me my device is not compatible with the app, and doesn’t offer to install it.

The tablet is brand new, running Andriod 4.4

I believe many of you are using Galaxy Tab 4 as your DroneDeploy device.

How did you get it to work?



Were you able to resolve this? We can send you an APK until we figure out why it isn’t there for you. Which country are you in?

I was not able to resolve this.

I’m not sure what an ‘APK’ is but if it will help I’d love to receive it.

I’m in the USA.


I see … an APK must be a file I can install … PLEASE SEND IT!

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Hi … I was able to install the application from the APK.

I am working thru the rest of the process of getting airborne and mapping.


we are having the same problem We have a tab 4 with Kit Kat 4.4 on it.

Chase can you please send me the APK for the Tab 4 as well? We are having the same problem.

Chase, could you send the APK to me as well. I was about to return my brand new Galaxy 4 since the store indicates that the app is only for the phone. Glad to see I can use the bigger screen.

I think we found a possible reason it doesn’t appear for some Samsung phones. It might be related to the file size. We are trying to get a fix out for this ASAP.

Chase, would you send the AKP file as well, I’m having the same problem with my Tab 4?

Chase, I need that AKP file as well. Experiencing the same issue with my Samsung-SM-T707V. Im running Android 5.0.2.

I often use this plugin for Chrome to download APKs off of the play store.

I don’t know why this happen when I install new update. Some said that I should install apk file, I downloaded one on apknite but don’t know what to do next @@

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I was able to install the application from the APK.

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