Can't find 3D Mode

I can’t find the option to fly in 3D mode.

I got excited about the “10 Tips for a Successful Flight” email yesterday because it said I could select 3D Mode for my flight, but I can’t find the option under Edit . . . Advanced for the flight plan, or under the Dashboard’s Settings . . . Advanced . . .DroneDeploy Labs - I tried that too and it says, “There are no experimental features available right now, please check back soon.”

I installed the app a few days ago and the version info says 2.1.94 - 2.81.0.

Flying a Phantom 4 Pro with a New iPad 2 running iOS 12.0.

Any help is appreciated!

It’s called Structures Mode now.

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Thanks. So simple. I clicked Structures and the peripheral path popped right up.

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