Cannot view maps online

I am using the free version of Drone Deploy. However, I cannot view maps online. I can see them in the dronedeploy app, but online, when I click on a map, the dashboard on the left just goes blank. I’ve tried Chrome and Edge. Any ideas why this might occur? I’ve even tried multiple computers on multiple internet connections.

I’ve also cleared my browser cache.

Hmm, I’m wondering if Firefox might work? Sorry, not sure why this is happening.

Now I cannot even open the dronedeploy web app at all in any browser (Firefox included). All I get the the spinning circle. I cannot even get to the login screen.

Now I am able to log in with Firefox, but I still have the same problem.

Ok, sorry about this. Investigating.

Any updates on this? I’ve tried Edge as well. Now I’m also having the same issue in the mobile app on iOS.