Cannot Upload the Shapefile

I just try the new feature to upload the shapefile but failed plus I also cant make flight planning like before (manual planning). Is there someone having the same problem??

I cannot upload one either.

Hi guys,

Unfortunately not all shapefiles work. If you have a very complex one it will more likely not work, especially if it has multiple shapes. We’ve had this feature on for about a hundred people for 6 months or so and have seen it successful for the majority but unfortunately given the complexity of the shapefile format it hasn’t worked for everyone.

If you can send us the files that have problems we can investigate if there is a way to help you.

Greetings Chase,

I was one of those individuals utilizing the shapefile feature for the last 6 months and it worked superb! I have been using the same exact concept for the past 2 months and had no difficulty until I started using the new desktop interface. The type of simple shapfiles (square) that Ive been using to define and plan my mission refuses to allow my compressed zipped shapefile or regular shapefile from ArcGIS work. Please advise as I have not changed my workflow and my shapefiles are not complex. I have even tried using a shapefile that worked 1 month ago and now it wont work. Please advise

When trying to add my usual zip file with all the shapefile components, this is the error that shows “Invalid shape file. Unable to recognize geo-location of geometric boundaries.” Please advise

Can you email this file to and mention it is for Chase?

Hi Chase,

Still cannot upload shp or zip files. Shapefile is not complex. Are we still sending files your way? Please advise.

Make sure the shapefile is in WGS84 projection. That’s what I had to do, and then it worked for me.

i can not find “upload shp” in my dronedeploy desktop version. Did dronedeploy move it to somewhere else or delete it?

This has now moved to an app that can be installed which allows you to upload shp or KML files. I agree it’s now it’s less obvious and a bit more difficult to find. Maybe there should still be some suggested apps or something to install when you’re on the planning page.

Can you tell me the app name or where i can find it?


If you go to your main dashboard, there is an apps link on the top bar. the KML & SHP file app is at the very bottom.

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