Cannot upload images because map still says "edit" even though the flight has been flown


I flew a flight yesterday offline… At the end of the flight, it said “Congrats…” and I closed my iPad. I reconnected to iPad to the internet today and started the DroneDeploy App. It currently shows my map I created and says “Edit” instead of saying “Upload” but also has, under “Available Offline”, a message saying "Uploading Flight Plan’. Now, on the website, my flight shows “Edit” and doesn’t give me the option to upload images based on that map, only to of course upload using the + button. The app has been saying “Uploading Flight Plan” for over an hour. I have a good internet connection.


I had the same thing happen yesterday so I had to manually load images and recreate the perimeter.

That’s what I’ve done in order to get this shot to my customer in a timely manner. I’d just like to understand so either I don’t make the same mistake again which costs time or DroneDeploy is made aware of the issue.

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Hi @SamIam,

Generally, if you lose connection to the drone during the mission this can happen. I would recommend uploading those images using the “upload images” located under the blue + sign on the bottom right of your dashboard.