Cannot start mission from "start"

I’m able to connect to my drone and one time it lifted off and hovered at the mission height. But it would not fly the mission. One consideration is that I cannot start the mission at the designated start point. Cant get there physically.

This just happened to someone else recently. Have you tried turning off obstacle avoidance?

I am trying to start the mission with my Mavic 2 pro and when I press Start Flight all the check marks go green and it goes to the flight screen but the drone doesn’t take off or do anything?!

does anyone has had this problem before? it’s like it just stalled after “drone initializing”



Any Reply would be appreciated i’m on a job today. Drone deploys has has many bugs for me today and doesn’t seem very reliable…

This mission won’t start where I just completed two others ones this morning… it was working fine. All the check marks are green and when I press start flight nothing happens it just sits there and does nothing for 5 min.

any solutions?!

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Same site(s) as the successful flights?

exact same flight and same parameters and same everything. didn’t change a thing and has two successful mission there.

I’m on my last site and things are back working now. just that one site wouldn’t work for me and I tried restarting everything 10x

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I’m hoping to be able to fly that site on sunday.

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Is it possible that the mission won’t start because the altitude is too high for max flight altitude? the site I am trying to survey has a hill on one of the corner of it and the drone has the “terrain awareness” option on. I’ve just looked at the mission and the drone is set up to fly to 160m over the hill… which still respect the 400ft AGL set up by transport Canada.

so should I just take that max altitude setting beyond 120m to be able to fly that mission?
I will still be able to respect the 400ft AGL as it’s just a small hill.

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It does bring up a good point that I have faced in other software. I start on Point A 250ft AGL and with Terrain Following fly over a point that is 151ft above home and then I am what the system thinks is 401ft above ground… This needs to be tested in DroneDeploy.

Technically it’s possible, but the fact that the exact same configuration has worked previously it is unlikely. I am thinking more along the lines of interference, specifically with GPS. You can kind of see it in DJI Go, but there are free apps that show you coverage. UAV Forecast is also a good source for drone conditions and limitations, but I am not sure if it works outside the US.

I just wanted to reply to this post after finding out what went wrong. the client changed the corners for the zone he wanted to capture in drone deploy. This put me into a hill and I had terrain awareness ON. Im guessing Drone deploy couldn’t compute the mission with the Altitude above 400AGL even though I was still legally below 400AGL as terrain rises just by the small Hill.

I changed my max altitude a few feet to be alble to alter the terrain follow and go above that (still staying legally 400AGL) I launched drone deploy again and the mission started.

What was surprising is that ive never had a error message about flight altitude settings or anything…everything was in the green from the checklist and It just didn’t start.

Hope this helps


Makes complete sense. I have had something similar happen in other software with TA involved. In those you would at least get errors and notifications as to why the plan didn’t meet requirements and wouldn’t fly.