Cannot sign up or log in on laptop

I am considering purchasing Drone Deploy for 3D mapping but cannot sign up or log in via my laptop. Any ideas? I can get on via the app on mobile


NA but will be DJI


Hi @Airbourne,

What exactly happens when you try to log in via your laptop? Are you using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

Keep me posted,

@Christina I’m using Windows 10 via normal google search window. The website opens up and I can navigate through it but as soon as I fill in the form to do the 30 day trial and click the blue box at the bottom nothing happens. Likewise if I click on log in I get the wheel of death and nothing happens.

What do you mean by a normal google search window? Chrome?
Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox as Christina mentioned. Other browsers can have issues.
If you are using Chrome, you may need to clear the cache.

Bang on Gary. I’m in thanks