Cannot Load Flight Plan to Mavic Pro

I have the following issue: I cannot load a flight plan from DroneDeploy to my Mavic. I can put a plan together in DroneDeploy, but it will not upload to the aircraft. I have updated all of the associated firmware.
When the CONNECT TO DRONE tab pops up I select it but nothing happens. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge so I am thinking this should all be supported equipment. I have an Explorer membership. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have a Mavic Pro Platinum it is not on the approved list.

I have a Mavic Pro. I made no mention of a Mavic Pro Patinum, but that aircraft would have been my selection if it had been out at the time I got the Mavic Pro.

Could it be as simiple as toggling the control mode? I guess it was…

Since I recently got the Platinum and found this out I was just making a statement if you have a similar situation.

I appreciate that information. It is always the case that I invest in a product and almost immediately something better is released.

Sometimes it is! :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to hear the issue is resolved, @Slinger!

I’m new to this. Is the Platinum Mavic supported? It is my back up to my P4P+. I have a remote terrain mission coming up and intend to take both machines just in case.

Thank you,

Hi @Chogwood,

We currently don’t officially support the Mavic Platinum so there’s no guarantee that it will or should work as intended. Here’s a current list of our Supported Drones.