Cannot connect using iPhone and mavic air2

Drone Deploy seems great in concept… and I’m having a hell of a time getting my DJI mavic air 2 to connect using my iPhone. Searched all through the forum and tried first connecting with DJI go…(which works fine)… then quitting that app and trying to connect with DroneDeploy… and the connect drone button just remains greyed out and unresponsive.



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hey gregory
same problem. that’s why i use android

Thanks Linda.

There has be a solution… anyone out there figure out how to connect their IPhone?

Hi @Gregory_Kellett,

Currently, the Mavic Air 2 is not supported for autonomous flight with DroneDeploy. I would recommend following this thread: Compatibility with the Mavic air 2

You can find a list of recommended and supported drones here:


Ah shucks… anyone know of a comparable alternative? Nothing too fancy (or expensive) needed.