Cannot connect to DJI drone

There is insufficient information in Documentation > Troubleshooting for DJI drones under the section App is not connecting to drone. In this section, there is a line that says to:

-Close the GO app, unplug the USB, reconnect via USB, and chose DroneDeploy from the popup.

For my setup, DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, this will never work unless the default setting for the USB port in the GO app is cleared first. So the above line, at least for my case, should read:

-Close the GO app, go to Settings > Apps > DJI GO 4 and scroll down to select Set as default and then click on CLEAR DEFAULTS. Now unplug the USB, reconnect the USB and chose DroneDeploy from the popup.

Follow a similar procedure to get the GO 4 App reconnected to the drone. Just remember to:
Kill the last running App, clear its defaults, unplug/re-plug the USB and select the next App.
To kill an App, I go to the screen that shows recently used Apps and kill it. Quitting an App is not sufficient.

Not to make thing complicated, but I noticed when switching from DroneDeploy back to GO 4, that after selecting GO 4 on the popup menu and just waiting a bit (10-15 sec) then the GO 4 App will start running without being selected from the home screen. This does not work in reverse. I think it has something to do with how GO 4 is installed. Anyway, it makes it a bit simpler to switch back to GO 4.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I finally found a 100% reliable way to switch between Apps. What I did before, based on tidbits I gathered from various forums, eventually worked but cost me a half-hour at times. Now it takes less than a minute. Every time.


Thank you for sharing this @SolarBarn. I’ll escalate this to my team for edits.

Hi @SolarBarn,

Thank you very much for providing this feedback, as we do value your input. We have made the necessary changes to the article listed below:

Thank you very much!!

Thanks for updating the article.

After reading it, I suggest adding an 8th line:

.8. Start DroneDeploy App.

Note: I had to put a . in front of the 8 in order to prevent the automatic formatting system from changing the 8 to a 1.

The DD will not start automatically after selecting it from the popup but, interestingly, the opposite does work: The DJI Go 4 App will start automatically after selecting it from the popup (you do need to wait a good 15 sec though).

So from a logically compete standpoint, I would like to see the 8th line.