Cancel and restart mission

It would be great to have the ability to cancel and restart missions in flight.

Sometimes I want to get some video or panoramas with dji app before landing.
At the moment this is possible by switching app, but drone deploy registers it as a lost connection and incomplete mission. It would be nice to be able to tell the app I am finished instead.

Even better if that allows a return to the dashboard and start a new mission, or resume an incomplete mission without having to come in and land.

I have also had the drone halt part way through a mission. It would be nice to be able to try to restart the mission without landing.

Another situation is switching to sport mode to avoid birds or deal with wind gusts. At the moment you seem to need to come back and land before resuming the mission again. Would sometimes be much more convenient to restart in flight.

It is a great app, just get a bit frustrated with waiting to land and re-launch sometimes.

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Technically you might be able do that but it is not recommended. Stop the one mission in flight by switching modes. Let it hover. I am not sure but you may need to close and reopen the DD app or it may work by choosing another flight plan. Open the next mission or a copy of this one to finish it. If it is continuing this mission, set the appropriate starting waypoint where it left off. Put you mode switch in the proper autonomous flight position. Click to let it go through the checklist. Hit takeoff and it should do that mission. Watch your battery carefully so you don’t over extend it.

I am not sure I completely understand what you are saying, but I frequently stop jobs and shoot iso photos or video with another program. I can then restart and return to the mission at the last waypoint. I have experienced that not only does DD not like it, but it is not a good idea to start missions in the air. Especially if you running the same mission broken in two different locations. You need to be on the ground, not moving with a solid GPS fix. Same rules apply across all GPS surveying techniques. The only way to mitigate the risk in that scenario is the use GCPs.

Maybe I am missing something then. How do you stop the mission in Drone Deploy?
The only way I could do it is by force quiting the app. It appears to have only one available control - the return to home button, until the drone lands. Is there some other way to stop it? If the drone stops moving during a flight, is there some way for me to quit and get it to start again without landing?

I just flip the S mode on the P4P. I haven’t tried restarting in the air.

One of the locations I fly at has two different small construction sites near each other. Many times I’ve finished flying over one and wanted to do the other one but I haven’t been able to figure out how to load the new mission without landing. The app won’t give the completed screen until I land so how do I load a new mission? Close the app and restart it? That doesn’t seem like a good solution.

I have killed DD and restarted many a time and never seen any odd behavior.