Can you move a Flight Plan to another Project?

I’d like to re-organise my flight plans and resultant maps and move some to different projects. It seems possible to move a Map but I can’t see an option to move the Flight Plan. Is it possible or does one have to re-create the flight plan in the target Project?

Let me know if this doesn’t help. I can make a more concise video. it starts with folders, but it does get into moving individual maps around and you can move a specific map to a project. if the map or project is moved I’m not sure if the flight plan will move with it, but I would try that later.

Thanks. I’ve tried that but it doesn’t move the Flight Plan.

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Thanks for verifying. If it is a complicated flight plan you can bring the ortho into Google Earth Pro and create a KML for record and import back into a new map/project.

OK. Thanks, I’ll probably just re-create.

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10-4, I just changed this to a Feature Request as well.