Can we have a way to capture video?

Is there any interest in having the ability to create video as well as stills for mapping? My customers frequently would like to have a video along with the maps we provide. From our perspective, it would be helpful to be able to program an autonomous flight to capture video after we do the stills.


We will be adding different types of workflows in the future depending on feedback and needs of current customers. We already have a few in the pipeline but if there is a high demand for something else we could look into it.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the suggestion! What use case are you mapping for, and what kind of video would be interesting?

  • Top down video
  • Oblique videos (45º angle to provide context)

And what kind of flight pattern?


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I can also see a benefit for having this feature in my line of work. I have been asked to fly (before I had the P3) to survey an area that couldn’t be easily walked. The video was used to see the type of conditions/rock that we would be working with on an earthwork construction site. 45 degree angle is what I would use. In terms of flight pattern, possibly a linear pattern that the drone would fly using waypoints.


Great - so one idea would be:

Fly a standard mapping pattern to produce the ortho/DSM/3D model etc, and then afterwards, fly the longest possible straight line over the plan with the camera at a 45º angle with an auto-recorded video.

Does that sound like a possible solution?


Yes, that sounds good to me, but I think Dave would like to see something like the old DJI groundstation, where you can pick points and fly autonomously.

I think oblique video would be used most frequently.
However I see a need to be able to shoot Top Down sometimes where a
close-up has been requested by the client. Roof-top building inspections,
for example.
So ideally a choice between oblique or top down, if that’s possible. If not
oblique is the priority for me.

For a large client, I sometimes request permission for a preliminary flight
to survey their property prior to our first meeting. I use the video as a
site survey and have used the video during the initial meeting with the
client when we are discussing details of the project. It really works well
to be able to show a video of their site at your initial meeting when they
are telling you what they need because they can see it rather than trying
to describe what the want you to do. It has worked very well as a selling
point of our company being very professional and prepared before we sit
down with them.

Ideally, the ability to program waypoints for autonomous flight would be
extremely beneficial. I would think that you would have a huge following if
you could provide waypoints. DJI promised it but never delivered it to the
disappointment of a lot of pilots. I really believe its a big win for DD if
you can do it.


I think this is a feature I would use a lot. I need to map forests looking for disease. I would then like to re-fly the route and shoot oblique stills or video to identify and check specific trees. Very useful!

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Is a saved video of the live stream sufficient quality for this?

I too would like to be able to record video. When mapping a crop, I have found that a strait up video before running NDVI has become a request of a lot of growers.
Right now I have to manually fly over said field and do a video, but it would be a great feature if I could just do a flight path, like I do with DD for the still pictures.
If I could do the same flight path for both video and then again for the still to stitch.

I have an inspire 1 and run the DJI Go app through the gimbal controler to keep an eye on what is being shot while DD takes the flight controls. The intelligent flight of the inspire is able to save the waypoints on the tablet I use with that gimbal. After a DD flight I can just launch the waypoints again without DD and re fly it for video. I hope this helps.

Anthony, I’m confused. I thought that you couldn’t have DD and DJIGo app open at the same time. I would like to make a video recording after running a DD flight. It sounds like you’re able to do it. I guess I don’t understand the process fully.


I agree with Dave…

@anthonyjdipasqua is using a dual controller setup and using the second controller. As he says, this works great. (You can also let DD fly the mission but override the camera control on the second controller…or at least you used to be able too, but I’ve not checked on the most recent version)

Hello @davet01 and @Peacock, as @rogerpearson has said I do use a pilot control and a gimbal control. I have not, however, experimented with taking over the camera with the gimbal controler during the DD automated flight lately. I was able to control the camera on my earlier flights. I hope this helps.

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