Can I use this software to measure flat commercial building roofs

I work for a solar company. It might save us significant time if I could map out the top of a large flat top commercial building wih a quick 15 minute drone flight rather than getting up and hand measuring. is this possible? What are the formats that it can export to? Is there a format that would allow me to drag lines to pull up distances, and how accurate would it be. It doesn’t have to be down to the inch, but it has to be better than Google earth accuracy. You drag google earth a pixel and that can change the ruler ± a foot or more!

The 3d models on the website look beautiful but it doesn’t look like there is any way to use them to get scale and measure.


Definitely! Check out the video on how to use the data page:

Jono is correct. All 50 state boards of engineers and land surveyors would consider this as something similar to construction staking. Just make sure your outfit is licensed and bonded as a general contractor. Honestly pull some tape, you are going to be on the roof anyway. Forget that comment. Looking out for insurance inspectors after hurricanes as well. I am still trying to figure out if this activity needs a 333 exemption.

A claims adjuster could fly an entire subdivision without getting on the roof, does this need a 333 exemption in a federally declared disaster? New ground for the savvy.

Can the adjuster sell his or her info to competitors? You may want to buy a license with if you want to export and measure in something like auto cad. Interesting. Spellcheck wants to replace with underemployed.