Can i change my email

hi i just wanna ask, how i can change my email. cause i got typo on my email. just 1 word haha

Hi @Wuri_Supit,

Can you give me a few more details on what you mean? Which email address do you want to change? Are you requesting about your email address used to log in to the forum, or sign up for a DroneDeploy trial or account?


hi. thanks for answer that. i just get wrong email on my dronedeploy apps trial account. and i wanna ask something. my friend it was use dronedeploy, and then i dont know why . the drone is not capture automaticly like i have. my friend use phantom3pro + iphone 6+. my is p4+xiaomi redmi note4 (works 100%)

Hi @Wuri_Supit, can you send me a direct message with the email address you set up your account with, and the email address you’d like to change it to? While trial users don’t have the option to change their email address on their own, I can update it in our backend for you.

Did your friend follow our Initial Setup for DJI Drones guide? I recommend starting there.

Phantom 3 Pros seem to have this bug fairly often. Mine did as well. Try a different mSD card.