Can exports us imperial units

My client is asking for data in imperial units (feet) instead of metric. Is this possible from my exports?

Yes, this was fixed. Installed the PDF Export app. When you export your map, you’ll see on the bottom, below the image, an metric/imperial toggle.

Which export are your trying to deliver?

2D wgs84. They are trying to import and the data is all metric. I selected imperial when i use toolbox in my dashboard.

Thanks for the replies

You will need to change the projection to one that is in imperial units. I export to Florida State Plane Easte all the time; however, there is a metric and imperial version of this. I believe the default projections by DD is in metric. Just because the rest of the world knows what a meter is does not me I need to :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

Thank you… any idea what projection needed for arc and AutoCAD to work in feet?

Where is the project?