Can DroneDeploy tools measure depression of a soil in a gravel pits

To all of you out there DroneDeploy’s support team and users,

I am pretty new to mapping with a drone but I am trying to learn the most I can and hopefully be successful.

So here I am to ask a question that hopefully will be helpful to me but not only.

Now and a potential new client of mine, manager of a gravel pits, has just asked me if it’s possible to measure a geologic depression. Basically they need to measure the amount of gravel that has been taken away from the gravel pits.
At the moment they do those measurements via the support of a Surveyor and its Ground Total Station and GPS.
So, can a drone and Dronedeploy software deliver those data and measures for volumes that have been removed from a gravel pits?

Hope you can help.



Hi @ikarogia,

Welcome to the drone mapping and DroneDeploy community. Have you taken a look at our Volume Measurement with Drones support page? That might be helpful for you.


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Yes, we frequently measure things of this nature to figure out quantities needed to fill and volumes of ponds. When calculating fill make sure to get your shrink and swell factors right.

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Thank you MichaelL for your help and advice.