Can DD control flight (only) while I control camera?

I currently use Litchi to fly simpler jobs that require camera angle at 45 degrees while doing a single pass, linear flight - like when following a road for example. I would love to do this within DD, but it would need to allow me to plan and execute some kind of automated flight plan while I maintain full or partial control of the camera / video options. I know there is MANUAL FLIGHT mode and all the AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT modes, but I am proposing some kind if hybrid between the two. I would love to have this feature and it seems like it is possible considering what is already available in the app. Is this something I can do and I just didn’t see it in the software? Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Manual control of the camera is not possible, but would be a good feature add particularly for video. Linear flight does not allow for it or even any setting for oblique angles - it needs a major upgrade for more reasons than that! We also do the majority of our linear flights with Litchi. The only mode that has a configurable oblique angle is the Auto Flight Modes app from their market and it is still a static setting. One hack you can do with that though and the Enhanced 3D crosshatch (which is fixed at 60 degrees) is run only half the flight, but that only good for straight runs.