Can customers do measurments by their own, when they get the link?

Hi there,

my question is, which plan do i have to choose that customers of our drone service can do measurements (linear, aera, volume) by their own in the online platform without the need that they have to sign up to DD?

This should explain it.

To use the Drone Deploy tools like that they will have to be signed in in some capacity.

Hi Guys, did you have any luck with this? Im looking at DD for my new business and would quite like to send the clients something so they can take their own measurements as and when they want to. whether point clouds will do this or not i have no idea. Ive looked at the link Gary provided but i have none of those options available when i press the “share” i only have the option to send a link where they need to have a DD account to do anything. no “Email” “link” so on so forth.

Hi @kevin.sales,

The type of information and features you’re looking for are currently not available.