Camera setting for 3D model (automat x manual)?

We use the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and the DroneDeploy application to set the drone’s flight trajectory and take photos of coal and coke dumps, from which we then create a 3D model to calculate the volume of the dumps. We were recommended that the drone camera have the same time and aperture settings for all photos. The time and aperture parameters for the camera cannot be set in DroneDeploy, DroneDeploy adjusts this setting itself for each photo. I would like to ask if different camera settings for individual photos can have a negative effect on the resulting 3D model, which is created from the created photos. We use the Agisoft Metashape Professional application to create a 3D model.

thanks for the anwers

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We have seen poor exposure control and poor conditions reduce the number of tie-points which is why we correct images before uploading but depending on what your actual level of accuracy required is it may not be affecting the point cloud as much as you would think. I have seen a few occasions where we picked up 15-20% more points over the native images but I would say it is probably closer to 10%. Concrete paving, commercial rooftops, trees and backside (shaded) faces of structures are the worst.