Camera Rotation Option

I am working in the mine and rock engineering sector and have started using our company drone to produce 3D photogrammetry maps for rock structures. The issue I have is that most of the mine slopes and rock cuts are relatively steep (near vertical) and I would need a solution for photographing them with the drone.

Basically, I would need to be able to design a linear flight path that follows the slope / rock cutting but where the drones camera can be rotated relative to the flight path i.e. facing the rock cut / slope. It would also be useful to be able to change the gimbal angle.

I have seen both the Linear Flight Path app and the Auto Flight Mode’s Crosshatch mode, which allows for gimbal angle adjustment. But there isn’t any app that I know of that would combine both features and include a camera rotation option.

Would anyone have any solutions or know of any apps that would account for this kind of flight automation? I think this would be a great opportunity in my field of work and would provide a quick and easy solution to geotechnical rock mapping.


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I like it! A new Linear app is in Alpha/Beta and this is one of the suggestions I put in specifically for pipe/overhead line inspection but it would work great for this case as well. In the meantime I would acquire Litchi and make a custom waypoint mission. You can control heading, elevation and gimbal pitch between any two waypoints. It also has terrain following but with the way mines and quarries change that may not be the best idea.

Thanks Michael for the quick response and the advise. I’ll certainly have a look into Litchi as it sounds to be more customisable. Do you happen to know when the Beta version of the new Linear Flight Path will become openly available?