Camera Roll Altitude Overlay

In the Camera Roll, pictures have an overlay displaying altitude in ft above ground level. In the case of my images, the altitude is MSL, not AGL. The EXIF data contains 419.5m MSL, equivalent 1377ft MSL, which was 400ft AGL at that location, but displayed at “1377ft above ground” in the Camera Roll. This could be an issue in the EXIF data, or simply in the label of the overlay. I mostly want to be sure that the stitching algorithm is interpreting altitudes correctly.

Thanks @amuehlf2 we have seen this issue, and we’ll be working on it. There’s actually a flag in the EXIF which will (in most circumstances) let us know that it’s MSL. This won’t affect the stitching, but it will change some things like the expected area of the map as our front-end calculators use this information.