Camera keeps shooting

Camera continues to take photo’s after mapping is finished & P3A has landed… Any thoughts on this?

Hi @JeanStrong, can you please go ahead and uninstall the DroneDeploy app then, reinstall to see if that resolves the issue. If that does not resolve the issue, please let me know what platform (Android or iOS) you are using.

Hi, I have re installed the app & it is now the latest version, will try it out today :slight_smile:

Test complete, DJI P3A still continued to take photo’s after mapping. Only way to stop this is by turning off the DJI. Ver 1.8.80 on Android.

Also noticed the last 2 test mappings have images missing…

The team is working on a fix for the issues with the photo’s still being taken. Sorry for the inconvenience with this. Also, please sort out any horizontal imagery prior to uploading.

Not sure what you mean by ‘please sort out any horizontal imagery prior to uploading’ this map has images missing from the centre of the mapping!

I have the latest app & firmware & the camera is still taking pictures until the P3A is switch off…


Same for me with Phantom 3 Pro and latest versions of firmwares + app on Android : it keeps shooting. If I close DD app and launch DJI Go app, it keeps shooting too and I’m unable to toggle off or turn to video for example.