Camera gimbal goes crazy

Is anyone having a problem with their camera gimbal going berserk when the drone is powered up? I’m flying simple DJI Phantom 3 Standard with Samsung G5S phone.

Ever since I downloaded the Drone Deploy app. to my phone, the camera acts spastic when I turn on the battery on some occasions. This happens if the DD app is on or off and if the DJ I Go app is on or off. Many times the camera does NOT activate and does not take a rigid forward looking horizontal position when powered up but just hangs like a limp ■■■■ pointing downward and dangling. If I then pick up the drone and turn it upside down the camera will right itself and assume the correct forward looking position.

But , often upon powering up the camera goes crazy tilting and whipping around in all directions until I turn off the battery.

Has anyone else heard of this? The camera does work well once it is centered correctly in DJI Go only. Never happened before installing the DroneDeploy app. which is now failing due to camera dysfunction during missions.