Camera Focus Failed to Update-Causing Return to Home

I have been struggling with an error “Camera Focus Failed to Update” when trying to execute my flights programmed in DroneDeploy. This error comes up once the drone has taken off and has reached its first waypoint. Once the error is shown the drone returns to its home point and lands without capturing any photos. When the sensor is manually triggered on the ground photos are recorded.
For equipment I am using a DJI Matrice 200V2 drone, a MicaSense RedEdge MX sensor, and DroneDeploy on my Samsung Galaxy S6.

So far I have tried several strategies to solve this error that I’ve listed below but I still am getting the error:

  • Restarting the drone, remote controller, and the DroneDeploy app
  • Duplicate the mission within DroneDeploy.
  • Creating a new mission all together for the same area
  • Update the firmware for the remote controller, drone, and the sensor
  • Formatting the SD card for the sensor in the Micasense Camera App and the DJI Pilot app
  • Deleting and reinstalling DroneDeploy app on Galaxy
  • Making sure I have >Android 5 installed on my phone
  • Check in DJI go for SD card errors
  • Check that multiple flight mode is enabled in DJI Pilot (They talked about this in the context of DJI
  • Check to make sure exposure and focus are set to auto in my DroneDeploy project
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Did you resolve it :thinking: i had the same issue


I have the same issue, managed to find a small way around it and set the camera focus in DJI GO 4 app instead of letting it manually do it in drone deploy. Let me know if you find a fix as its driving me insane.

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Hi, I also got the same error a few times. But I found a way round it which hasn’t failed me yet. Before take-off in drone deploy, I manually set the camera up and down with the rc about 2x, and leave it facing down just before I hit take-off. Hopefully this can help you too. But I’m still waiting for a proper solution. Thanks. Lemme know how this goes.

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I have Phantom 4 and today it started to show this error CAMERA FOCUS FAILED UPDATE and it no longer allows the mapping. The Drone returns. I’ve even tried it with Manual focus. Other Mapping apps work as well as Pix4D. In DJI Go4 there is no error or failure. Please sombody can help me plz? Thanks

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Has this issue been resolved by DD?
I’m having the same issue with the M100/Zenmuse X5 - see link above titled ‘Still using Matrice 100?!’

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Hi !
Nothing … We do not receive a update of app since may …

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Is everyone who’s having this problem using Android? I was getting this error with a Samsung Note 9, and it gives me the same error with a Note 10. My coworker tried the same flight plan using his iphone and everything worked fine. We’re both flying a Mavic 2 Pro.

This error message has been an on going issue with me for about 2 months now. I’ve been monitoring this thread, hoping to find a solution.

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nope - iPhone XR here