Camera exposure

Lately, I have been having issues with imagery of crop fields where it looks like there may be a random camera exposure issue. I will have some images returned with a much lighter color of the crop. This will happen even when flying on a cloudless day. Any advise on how to solve this?

Are you flying with auto exposure? I fly mostly construction sites and have found that auto exposure often is too slow to change when passing from bare earth to wooded areas. I set manual and expose for bare earth since I am rarely interested in proper exposure for wooded areas. Also, you might consider if you are getting reflections from standing water. I have had this cause obstacle avoidance sensors to react so I could see how it might affect camera exposure.


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Yes, on auto exposure. I am not getting water reflections and I am not flying from one type of ground cover to another. I did wonder if the auto setting was possible a cause, but since I am not a camera buff, the auto setting made sense. Maybe what I should have asked is for advise on the best way to set the manual exposure.

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@dhgatchell Sorry to hear about the exposure issues you are having when flying. I would recommend checking the version of the app you are using is the most recent version of DroneDeploy(13.3.1). I would also recommend resetting your camera settings from the DJI Go app. Also, I want to note that if you have flown another drone using your account the camera settings will be cache on the device. You will want to log out and log back in when flying with different drones. We hope that helps! As you have a paid DroneDeploy subscription you do have access to our support team would be happy to take a look at your flight logs. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Over the last number of weeks, I have looked into these suggestions to fix my issue, but to no avail. I do have the latest version of the app, I do not fly with a different drone and I have the manual exposure setting selected.
I have flown with the DJI app to set the exposure to what looked acceptable, but even if the setting in the DJI app was not set correctly, with the manual exposure setting selected, wouldn’t the entire image returned be out of exposure, not just portions? This makes me think that I am setting up the flight incorrectly?
If someone can look at logs to check thing out, I have a map just returned today (9-5-19, Named Don South) that shows the issue perfectly. I have another map uploading now (named Dambroten Wang21 9-05-19) that will have the same problem.