Camera Configuration Changing

Estou tendo um problema, estou usando o drone deploy pelo android e durante o voo esta mudando sozinho as configurações da câmera.
Estou configurando a câmera no dji go e após entro no aplicativo drone deploy e inicio o voo, no começo esta tudo certo mas no meio do voo ou após a troca de baterias esta mudando as configurações da câmera e o balanço de franco estão se alterando sozinhos. Alguém apresentou o mesmo problema ou sabe ajudar na solução. Desde ja agradeço.

Então você alternou a seleção para controle DJI da câmera em Configurações avançadas e a primeira bateria está boa, mas está voltando? Qual telefone e drone?

No futuro, traduza para o inglês, se possível. Obrigado.

So you have toggled the selection for DJI control of the camera in Advanced Settings and the first battery is fine, but it is reverting back? What phone and drone?

In the future please translate to English if possible. Thank you.

Okay. I’ll be reporting now only in English.
We do all the configuration in the DJI Go application and then we enter the DroneDeploy application, in the first flight this is all the configuration, but in the second it is not recognizing the same configuration previously, with different white balance and type of luminosity. Example: White balance was manual with brightness in sunny and then it has automatic white balance with fluorescent brightness.
We are using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 "4G tablet, via Android 10, with the Drone Phantom 4 Pro V2. The version of the Drone Deploy app is 4.1.0 and the DJI go app version is 4.3.37.
Is there a procedure on how to replace the battery without losing these camera settings?

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Before you continue the flight next time can you open DJI Go4 alongside and verify that the settings haven’t changed. I doubt they have and am thinking the best path is to email support as this could be a more serious bug. I had some different issues with multi-battery today so I am wondering what changes have been recently made. I think the roadblock you will have is that if DD is resetting internally that the only way you could manually compensate would be to turn the toggles back off and of course we can’t do that while a flight is in progress.

I will say that your device is not on the supported list, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t work. It will just be a roadblock in troubleshooting. Do you have access to anything on this list that you could try? Just to rule out the device. I normally fly with an iPad Mini 5, but will try this with my Pixel 3XL.

Hello guys, I have been having this same problem for a few months. I even thought it was just a problem with my drone. I have been using DD for over 4 years and I never had any problems like that, I always used the settings in automatic to do mapping.

For a few months now, he has been changing the settings alone and leaving the photos practically unusable, totally out of focus and with drag. I can only use it by setting the configuration in Go4 and putting it in manual and still, sometimes I have to redo some parts.
I use P4P drone and an IPAD 6 generation, IOS 14.

Could anyone help with that? I thought about reinstalling the drone’s firmware, but I don’t know if it will work.

Sorry for the translation, I’m Brazilian and I used Google translate.

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You are using the DroneDeploy controlled camera settings and having focus problems with a P4P?

Hi! Exactly! I also have the same problem using my other P4 ADV drone. This has been going on for a few months and I confess it sucks to set the settings manually, yet sometimes I have problems with focusing on some images. For more than 3 years I haven’t had any problems like this. Developers could help us. Thanks

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