Camera angle in automated flight

i am switching from a phantom 3p to a phantom 4pv2. i have an issue where my p4 is collecting all photos in dronedeploy with a camera angle of -60 degrees. with my old p3 it woud capture all images with the camera at -90 degrees(nadir). I have looked in both dronedeploy and djigo for a setting that will change this and i am not finding anything that is obvious. can i force the camera to -90 degrees? if so, PLEASE, enlighten me as to how?

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Hi and welcome! What flight plan are you trying to run? Crosshatch and perimeter default to -60 degrees.

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wow thanks for the prompt response! yes. i typically run crosshatch and 3d parimeter. i will run without the 3d parameter and see if that adjusts the issue. i understand that you are saying that this is a default. do you happen to know if it is one that can forced to another setting. thanks again for you insight. very helpfull!

Crosshatch is set at 60 degrees as well and removes/replaces the nadir part of the mission. If you download the Auto Flight Modes plug-in from the App Market you can run Crosshatch and set you own angle. I am not sure why this is still “beta” as it has been around for a long time and was essentially replaced by Enhanced 3D, but they forgot some settings so I’m glad it’s still there…


Are you saying that the Enhanced 3D replaced the Auto Flight Crosshatch or both can still be used??

They are both available and I think the “Enhanced” version was meant to replace the Auto Flight, but I seem to get better results from less gimbal pitch.