Calculating Map Size and Flight time


Hello I want to calculate the size of map I can generate and flight time it will take using several drone platforms. For instance if I have a Ebee with a parrot seqouia equiped how can I calculate the amount of acres it can map at 50m, 100m, 150m etc. as well as the flight times for each of those flights. Has anyone done this before? I image the calculation will require the drone speed, camera type, and overlap.


Hello @Thayne_Kollmorgen ,

Thanks for reaching out. I am not sure what you mean by the size of the map. Do you mean the actual file size of the map when you export? The amount of acres your drone can map in relation to our DroneDeploy app is dependent on your planned flight boundaries. Our estimated flight times are pretty accurate in regards to battery life of said drone. Currently, our estimations on our desktop/mobile browser with no drone connected are based off the P4P. We take into consideration of overlap, height, and drone speed when it comes to time estimation. If you have any more questions feel free to elaborate and I will be more than happy to help further.


The acreage. Is there a way I can do these calculations in a spreadsheet based on the variables you highlighted?


misread question. deleted.


That link was actually pretty useful. Thanks for sending.


Sure, glad it is helpful I deleted it because re-reading your question, you were asking for a calculator for how much area you could cover in how long which is not addressed by that spreadsheet.


Correct. Essentially if I know what kind of camera (an all the associated parameters), drone speed, and altitude, and the amount of area I want to cover; I want to be able to calculate the time it takes to map the field. I pretty sure drone deploy gives an estimate of this on its app. I was just wondering if anyone had made a spreadsheet for it.


Hello @Thayne_Kollmorgen,

Currently, we do not have an estimated time spreadsheet as a support resource. We calculate estimated times based off the drone that is connected to the DroneDeploy app. Finding out acreage based on our variables may be possible. However, that task is something we have not yet explored.

Thank you.