Bypassing the camera/gimbal check in pre-flight

I have removed the camera on my Phantom 3 Pro and mounted a Canon S100 NIR camera pointing down. DroneDeploy iOS app won’t let me fly as the pre-flight checklist fails at the “gimbal/camera” check. Is there a way to get past this so I can fly? Can I disable this check?

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We are about to finish up the ability to fly without the default camera


Cool. Release imminent? I prefer to use DD over the other grid mapping options. Also will allow me to fly the same grid with the S100 P3 and the other P3 which has a Sentera sensor and a standard DJI camera.

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Any updates about this?

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Any new information on this?

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Going out with upcoming release

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When is that release?

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This should have gone out. Sorry I didn’t update you in this thread.

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Can anyone tell me if there are any special settings you need to do if you remove the DJI camera?

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It should just no longer show the camera check.

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I have similar issue… i want to fly without the default camera gimbal in DJI P3 Pro, but during final checklist it shows about the camera gimbal and doesnt let me fly.

Please update me if there is a change to this in the next release.

I look forward to your reply.


I checked it few days before but still it showed me the camera check and i couldn’t fly. Which release they removed camera check options?

Please reply

Thank you

Hi folks! Any news about the issue mentioned?

Latest android app in the store should have a fix in it.